7 Ways How to Improve Your Resume?

…a lot! Did you check how your resume look like? When was the last time when you updated your resume? (and it doesn’t matter whether you have a job or you are looking for a job). Did you google yourself? Not yet? Try it, find out what other people (potential employers or recruiters) can find […]

How to Create Buzz Keywords Cloud?

When you are looking for a job have you ever wonder how Human Resource department is looking at your resume? Have you ever thought what keywords are you using in your resume? or maybe you want to know what kind of ‘word cloud‘ you can create based on your text? no? it’s good time to […]

How to find a job using social media apps?

All of you how are looking for a job probably already signed up to jobing, jobankusa, monster or dozen other job-search-sites but do you really think that this is enough? How many of you didn’t find anything for last few months? Although you updated your profile all the time. What to do??? Maybe you should […]

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