What Happened to Facebook Pages? The New Look

Do you know what happened to Facebook layout? There are a lot of things going on and maybe you are lost a little bit among all those updates… Facebook introduced totally new look, some might like it and some not really but it is what it is. Lets check what options do you have. And […]

Your Personal Infographic

Do you like infographics? I do Would you like to create your own personal infographic based on your data? I would Thanks to Kathy Jacobs from Vitamin CH I was able to find visual.ly Visual.ly helps you to create visualization of data. story + data + design So what can you do? You can test […]

Google+ vs. Facebook Again?

Facebook – Yes Google+ – No or: Facebook – No Google+ – Yes or maybe: Facebook ok and Google+ ok ohh come on, make up your mind, will you? but I can’t: I like Facebook (I mean I got used to it) and Google+ is so new and I just don’t want to move all […]

World Without Facebook – really?

World without Twitter, Google nor Facebook….lets think how the world would look like without Facebook. I know, that’s a big thing but Sujan Patel from SingleGrain published infographic – “A World Without Facebook”: [Via: Single Grain]

World without Twitter?

Have you ever (ok for last few years) thought about world without Twitter? You know…day without teet every second…retweet every minute? hard to imagine? Jessica Meher published on hubspot infographic – “10 Possibilities in a World Without Twitter” World without Twitter – you better check who is following you 🙂 ================= infographic from hubspot