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3 Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Holiday season is over but scammers are not giving up. Here are three scams you should be aware of and few simple tips. Free... Free stuff is not always the best option. And it's not about the quality of it but about scams. When you see pop-up windows on your computer screen promising … [Read More...]

Holiday Season Shopping Fever

The shopping fever is in the full swing. Whether you join the shopping wars or not make sure to stay safe while shopping online. Although there is no 100% fail-proof way to protect yourself, here are few tips on how to protect yourself while shopping on-line.   Public Wi-Fi Try no to … [Read More...]

It’s Lonely During Holiday Season — Take Care of Older Adults

  I usually talk about technology and social media for older adults (in this case people 65 & better) but this time I’d like to share with you something that not many people what to talk about…loneliness during the holiday season. Holiday season is not always a cheerful time, there are … [Read More...]

What’s Best for You: Desktop, Laptop or Tablet?

It's time! Your old computer is not as fast as it used to be and you decided you need to buy a new device. The problem is, what should it be? Desktop, laptop or maybe a tablet? It's not easy to make the decision because it's almost like comparing apples to pears. It's hard. But what you can try … [Read More...]

Apple Music: How to Mange Your Subscription

There are few music-stream services available: Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and many more. Apple (finally) decided that it's time to launch their own music-stream service called Apple Music. So far it looks like a nice music streaming service. Is it really something so much better than Spotify? I'm … [Read More...]