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13 Travel Mobile Apps

Getting ready for the summer? Need some time off and relax? Check some of those mobile applications that might help you to better plan your free time. Here is a list of applications that can help you to find free Wi-Fi, hotels, plan a trip, find a rest area near you on highway or translate something … [Read More...]

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iPad & iPhone for Beginners – App Store

App Store is a magic place! Ok, so maybe not magic but grand. This is the place where you can find mobile applications available on your iPad and iPhone. Place where you can check reviews, ratings and description that might help you to decide if the specific application is right for you or not. … [Read More...]

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iOS7 for Beginners – Part 1

iOS7 - is a seventh major release of the Apple operation system. Many people were waiting for this new update and here it is. There are a lot of things to like this system for but is it the best system Apple came up with? I am not sure. It's a rich ecosystem of software (hundred of thousands … [Read More...]

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How Smartphone Can Change Healthcare – Wireless Medicine

How do we use smartphones? We make phone-calls, send text-messages, set alarm clock, use calendar, play games, use applications, etc. There are a lot of possibilities so why not use smartphone as health-monitor device? We can ask a question: could a portable device like smartphone be the future of … [Read More...]

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Mobile Apps for Vacation

Are you getting ready for vacation? Maybe planning some trips? Why not to test/check few mobile applications that might be helpful. Travel mobile applications Google Translate - instant language translation (more than 70 languages). You can listen to your translations spoken aloud. … [Read More...]