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What Happens To Your Passwords After Your Death?

                  Not easy topic to talk about but we all know that this is something that needs to be covered at some point. Your digital legacy is important and you should take control and decide what you want to be done with … [Read More...]

iPhone Helps To Monitor Your Sleep

                  Need some help with monitoring your bedtime and wake up time? Of course you can simply set up an alarm and that's it. You can also try the new iOS10 feature - "Bedtime". The new feature is incorporated into … [Read More...]

Travel Applications

Travelling is usually a fun thing to do but sometimes it would be great to have a little bit of help. And this time we are going to check some of the travel and food (recipes) applications. Why food applications? Why not? Those are good for every occasion. Here is a list of 21 mobile applications … [Read More...]

2016 Social Media Trends

It's already March 2016 and many people have already published several articles on new Social Media trends. What I'd like to share with you here is a short list you might find useful. Even more photos. But photos are not enough anymore, it's time for even more videos. And not just replay what you … [Read More...]

What’s Live Video Streaming

Have you noticed that more and more people are talking about Periscope or Facebook Live? In general it's all about a new trend called live video streaming. What does it mean? Live video streaming allows users to broadcast live video using mobile devices with internet connection. What do you need … [Read More...]