iPhone Helps To Monitor Your Sleep

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Need some help with monitoring your bedtime and wake up time? Of course you can simply set up an alarm and that’s it. You can also try the new iOS10 feature – “Bedtime”.

The new feature is incorporated into a iOS10 Clock application (the one that allows you to set up alarms, stopper, and world clock).

Here are steps how to set it up:

1. Open Clock application on your iPhone

2.  Select “Bedtime” feature.

There are few questions you will be asked to complete the setup.

3. Select time you would like to wake up and tap “Next”

4. Select days when you want and don’t want the Bedtime alarm to wake you up (highlighted in orange are days when alarm is ON and in grey when alarm is OFF). Then tap “Next”

5. Select how many hours of sleep you need then tap “Next”

6. You can setup reminder as well, just select how many minutes before your bedtime. Tap “Next”

8. You will have access to Sleep history. Tap “Save”

9. After you setup your Bedtime alarm you can get back to its settings by tapping “Options” and you can change reminder/wake up sound/days/wake up sound volume.

That’s it. It’s simple feature that might help you to monitor your sleep patterns and maybe help with you morning wake up.


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