iOS7 for Beginners – Part 1

ios7 step by step for beginners_part 1 iOS7 – is a seventh major release of the Apple operation system. Many people were waiting for this new update and here it is. There are a lot of things to like this system for but is it the best system Apple came up with? I am not sure. It’s a rich ecosystem of software (hundred of thousands of applications available from AppStore).

Here is the link to above youtube video

Touch ID

Your fingerprint becomes the best password in the world and Apple decided to use it in their new iPhone 5s. The built a touch ID fingerprint identity sensor. You don’t have to remember a 4-digit password to login to your iPhone, all you need to do is to touch the home-button and that’s it. Touch ID sensor reads your fongerprints and give you the access to your smartphone. But this is not all, you can use the Touch ID to purchase applications and music from the AppStore as well.
How to set up your Touch ID – it’s easy:

  • 1. go to settings
  • 2. select “general”
  • 3. select “Touch ID & Passcode”
  • 4. select “Touch ID”
  • 5. to configure Touch ID, you must fist set up a passcode. You will need your passcode for additional security validation (enrolling new fingerprints)
  • 6. enroll your fingerprint
  • 6.1. ensure that the home-button and your finger are clean and dry
  • 6.2.hold the iPhone as you normally would when touching the home-button
  • 6.3. touch your finger to the home-button and hold it there until you feel a quick vibration or until you are asked to lift your finger
  • once the scanning is complete, you will be asked to adjust your grip to capture the edges of your fingerprint

touch ID_set up

Here is the link to youtube video

Control Center

So far my favorite new iOS7 feature.
control center_ios7_apple
Control Center gives users a quick access to few useful devices’ settings and it can be activated by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The user has access to:

    • airplane mode (icon that looks like a plane) – up up in the air turn this feature on.
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • Bluetooth (icon that looks like a capital letter B with wings) – lets users connect wirelessly additional devices to iPhone/iPad (speakers, keyboards, connect iPhone to your car, etc.)
    • Do Not Disturb mode (icon that looks like half of the moon) – useful feature and easy access when you are at the movie theater, etc.
    • Screen Rotation Lock (icon that looks like a tiny lock with a curved arrow around it) – gives the user option to lock device’s screen orientation so next time you turn the device sideways/upright the screen orientation will remain in the same position.
    • Timer
    • Camera
    • Music Player settings – you have a access to basic music player buttons (stop/play/volume/fast-forward and rewind)
    • AirDrop – lets users share videos, photos, websites, and more with other users (with iOS7 devices). You can turn on/off AirDrop and control it from Control Center. Just swipe up from the bottom of any screen to reveal Control Center, then tap AirDrop and choose from one of the available option: Off/Contracts Only – visible only to your contacts/Everyone – visible to all nearby iOS devices that use AirDrop.

ios7 airdrop feature_via apple

  • AirPlay – great and easy way to connect your iPhone/iPad to your AppleTV
  • Screen’s Brightness level
  • Calculator


More Camera Features

There is not much to say about new iPhone camera except that it’s way much better. We reach the time when our smartphones’ cameras can really do a lot. If you are not a professional photographer you are going to be very pleased with your iPhone camera features available on iPhone 5s. Doesn’t matter low-light, normal-light – you can now create beautiful photos. Let’s not forget about image stabilization. So if you are searching for something simple to use but yet you want to create a beautiful photos – this is the answer.

Here is the link to the above youtube video

How to Close Application

After long and productive day it’s time to close all those applications we have been using all day long. We used to close applications by double-tap the “home” button, wait and then press and hold on an icon until the “x” appeared. Now there is a new (better?) way of closing applications ( no worries – those applications are still available at your device.)
Double-tap the “home” button – that will bring up a screen where you can see all applications that are open on your device. To close them, swipe each application’s image up (start in the middle of the image) and off the screen. How often should you use that feature? It’s up to you, I recommend once a day or the other day.
iOS7 step by step_closing application_via groovypinkblog

My next post (iOS7 for Beginners – Part 2) I’m going to share some useful information on SIRI and few more iOS7 features.


  1. Lynn OConnell

    Need to upgrade my phone so I can install IOS7!!

  2. Such clear explanations, Klaudia.  I’ll share them with some Apple users I know who would find them really useful. (And I’ll come back and review if I finally admit Blackberry is not going to make it … and move to Apple.)  Great job!

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  4. Great Post Thanks…
    Same info given at the Mac Store class

  5. CarlyAlyssaThorneGlad you liked it! I thought it would be good to just share all that info here 🙂

  6. sharonodayThank you so much Sharon for your kind words! Unfortunately Blackberry did not have too much luck in last few years

  7. KlaudiaJurewicz Klaudia, my Blackberry is like an old friend, one that has been through many wars with me.  It’s with real regret that I might have to move on …

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