How to Choose the Right Tablet?

how to find the right tablet via
Apple iPad mini, Apple iPad 4, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, Google Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, and many more.
There are many tablets available on the market but how to make sure that we choose the right one?

Let’s start with the definition. What is a tablet? People talk about tablets every day, you can see that more and more people are using tablets but you don’t know too much about those little, funny looking devices.

A tablet is a small thin portable personal touchscreen computer.

It’s small but it doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Here is a short list of what you can do with a tablet [basic features]:

  • check your emails
  • browse the internet
  • download and use thousands of applications
  • take and edit pictures
  • have video chats with your family and friends
  • use social media applications – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.
  • use it as a navigation system (GPS) and check maps
  • record and watch videos
  • read e-books
  • and many more

So now we know what a tablet is and what we can do with it. But still there is that question: which one is the right one?
Before you go to the store and buy one, think about few important factors:

  • size (yes size matters in that case) – do you have problems to read small font? do you prefer a bigger display. So it might be important if a display is 7-inch or 10-inch
  • price – there is a wide price range, between $100 up to $900 and more.
  • user-friendliness – depends the company, operation system, etc. some tablets are more user-friendly than other.
  • battery – check a tablet’s specifications. Most tablets have good batteries that will allow you to work on it up to 10h
  • technical support – if you are the type of customer who like to have easy access to technical customer service (e.g. over the phone) – make sure if company that that information (e.g: Apple has a good customer service)
  • storage – again the range is wide: up to 64GB (which is a lot for a tablet). This is also one of bigger factors that change the price. So make sure which one you need. If you like to download a lot of music, videos, applications – maybe you should think about choosing a tablet with 32GR or 64GB storage. But if you not then 16GB and less is good as well.
  • weight – despite the small size of a table you should make sure it’s not too heavy. Remember that it’s a portable device so you might want to carry that with you almost everywhere. If you like to read e-books then you are going to hold that device for a long time in your hands. The average weight is between 10 oz. and 14 oz.

The newest gadget on the market is an iPad mini (direct competition to Google Nexus 7). If you would like to find more information regarding the new iPad mini here you can find interesting article published by Mashable “See How The iPad Mini Stacks Up Against Competitors” or check this comparison chart created by

how to find the right tablet via

So now you know the basic information about tablets and you know what you should look for and check before you buy one. The most important thing before you make the purchase is to test the device. Make sure you spend some time at the store or maybe your friend has a table – ask if you can test it or at list ask if someone can show you how to use it. And then make the decision.

Good luck and if you already have a table, please share your story.


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