Apple Music: How to Mange Your Subscription

There are few music-stream services available: Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and many more. Apple (finally) decided that it’s time to launch their own music-stream service called Apple Music. So far it looks like a nice music streaming service. Is it really something so much better than Spotify? I’m not so sure but it worth checking. Now you […]

Video Live Streaming is…here! Meerkat and Priscope

 Let’s talk about new trend: live-video-stream mobile applications. Ok, so maybe it’s not so new, we have seen live-streaming video applications available online for years but this time…this time it’s different. Now live-streaming got into the mainstream where everyone easily can use it.   Meerkat and Periscope, those are two video live-stream mobile applications that […]

iPad & iPhone for Beginners – App Store

App Store is a magic place! Ok, so maybe not magic but grand. This is the place where you can find mobile applications available on your iPad and iPhone. Place where you can check reviews, ratings and description that might help you to decide if the specific application is right for you or not. You’ve […]

How Smartphone Can Change Healthcare – Wireless Medicine

How do we use smartphones? We make phone-calls, send text-messages, set alarm clock, use calendar, play games, use applications, etc. There are a lot of possibilities so why not use smartphone as health-monitor device? We can ask a question: could a portable device like smartphone be the future of medicine? How can smartphones/portable devices change […]

7 Ways to Find FREE Wi-Fi

When you are getting ready for a trip and you ask yourself a question: where can I get access to a FREE Wi-Fi connection? Of course nowadays we use internet connection on our smartphones or tables via mobile providers but that’s something we need to pay for and in case we want to watch a […]

How to Create a Blog on

Would you like to create your own blog – your own place on-line? Are you afraid that it’s too difficult and you are not sure how to do it? Good news – you don’t have to be a web-designer or tech-savvy to create your own blog. There are several blogging platforms you can choose from […]