Is Social Media ONLY for Teenagers?

I came across an interesting article on HuffingtonPost (Post50) – “Is Social Media Turning Us into Teenagers?” by Mary Dell Harrington and Lista Endlich Heffernan (from Grown and Flown: Parenting from the Empty Nest) It’s a very interesting piece on how Social Media makes us behave more like teenagers, and that there is not that […]

Twitter for Beginners

Short presentation on Twitter for beginners. Basic why, what, who and where regarding Twitter. Twitter for beginners from Klaudia Jurewicz

How Social Media Can Help You on Valentine’s Day? [video]

February 14th – does that date ring any bell? of course, it’s Valentine’s Day. And whether you like it or hate it, it’s there every year and millions of people are celebrating it. So in case if you need some help to prepare something special for someone special on Valentine’s Day – or if you […]

What is Viral?

What’s viral? Have you ever seen that kind of viral video/image/etc.? I decided to write about viral after reading post at Mashable: Going Viral Visualized So what’s viral? An image, video, advertisement, etc. that is circulated rapidly on the Internet. TV commercial, youtube video or maybe some funny image people are forwarding to each other. […]

Addiction to Technology

Do you think that you are addicted to information/internet/Social Media? Do you think that you may have a tiny problem with that? that (just) maybe you are loosing the control? Some time ago I asked a question whether we are ready to slow down with social media/internet, etc. And since that time I have noticed […]

Your Health vs. Social Media

I just read a very interesting post by Jonathan Richman “How New Facebook Features Will Impact Healthcare” in which Jonathan is suggesting that sharing some/all (?) information about our health might help and change our social media lives, the way how pharma companies will interact with us. (…) I argue constantly that if people gave […]