How to Choose the Right Tablet?

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Apple iPad mini, Apple iPad 4, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, Google Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, and many more. There are many tablets available on the market but how to make sure that we choose the right one? Let’s start with the definition. What is a tablet? People talk about tablets every day, you […]

7 Ways to Prepare Your Digital-Self for Vacation

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…ok so you are ready for your vacation, you booked hotel(s), you know where to go and what you want to do, everything nicely packaged, right? Well hold on for a minute and check few more things in your bag before you go. GPS – in case you are planning to drive a car in […]

Tablet: Top 4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

…so you want to buy a tablet? Whether it would be iPad2, Acer, Adam, Samsung Galaxy or other you should stop for a second and ask yourself 4 questions: applications — most of the time tablet is all about applications so make sure that there is a big number of applications available to your tablet […]

How to Slow Down with Social Media Applications?

Do you have enough strength to switch off your iphone/laptop/tablet for a moment and be able to spend some time with your family and friends? or maybe you feel so bad – so disconnected from the world – that after 15 min. you need to get back on-line? or maybe you are someone who is […]