How to Build Your Business Plan

My Triberr friend Laurinda Shaver publish an interesting post “My assumptions questioned. Daily.“ regarding business plan’s dilemmas. I decided to get a deeper into how to build business plan – not any business plan but good one. First reaction: I can’t do that, that’s too complicated but the bigger problem was –> where should I […]

Books Worth to Read

Some books are worth to read, but sometimes I just don’t know which one I should read first. So I decided to share some of those books with you. Most of those (if not all) are social media, marketing, leadership , personal development related books. I hope next time create “just to read and have […]

TV Commercials and Social Media

Have you ever watched TV commercials during Super Bowl or the Oscars ? If you did – have you every tweeted on Twitter or posted a comment on Facebook about that? If the TV ad is really good/or really bad – people will tweet and watch at the same time. Which means that some of […]

Interesting Book to Read – Part 3

Again, I read a book, interesting book – The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk Did you read that book? Here are some interesting points (in my opinion the best part of the book): “we tried it, it doesn’t work” –> this is exactly the biggest problem, we are impatient, and at the same time […]

OMG What a Traffic

Again, like every day, I opened my Google Reader and went wild on reading interesting (or not) posts. This time was a little bit different because I decided to focus even more on posts’ titles. I noticed that there are a lot of post regarding “how to drive traffic to you website/blog”. Everything about TRAFFIC […]

Listen to Social Media Conversations

I just read a book “Likeable social media“ by Dave Kerpen Social media is like the world’s largest cocktail party, where anyone can listen others talking and join the conversation with anyone else about any topic of the choice. Social Media can and can’t do (by Dave): social media cannot make up for a bad […]