Are We Wrong About Being Wrong?

Do you make mistakes? –> Who doesn’t? How do you feel when you know you are wrong? –> I guess … not so great Do you like to admit that you were wrong? –> noooo way What will you do to avoid being wrong? We all know that people make mistakes but somehow when comes […]

Power of Words

Have you ever wondered how powerful words can be? ok ok, I won’t even start that “words can hurt”, I’d rather want to talk about the positive power of words: check this youtube video: Did you ever think how much power you have and how you can use it: say something nice –> it’s not […]

7 Ways How to Improve Your Resume?

…a lot! Did you check how your resume look like? When was the last time when you updated your resume? (and it doesn’t matter whether you have a job or you are looking for a job). Did you google yourself? Not yet? Try it, find out what other people (potential employers or recruiters) can find […]

Don’t Let Them Stop You

Seth Godin in his book “Linchpin” wrote classic quotes from resistance: “I don’t have any good ideas” “I don’t know what to do” “I didn’t graduate from …” “My boss won’t let me” “well, that’s find for you, but my gender, race, health, religion, nationality, shoe size, handicap, or DNA don’t make it easy” Have […]

How Can I Change My Life? Interesting Book to Read – Part 2

I think it’s time to get back to Seth Godin’s book – Linchpin. The part 1 of that review I published in my earlier post. Any project, if broken down into sufficiently small, predictable parts, can be accomplished for awfully close to free. wow! isn’t that nice? Lets stop for a moment and think about […]

Why I want to be a Linchpin?

What is that Linchpin? Definition: A person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization Yes, I want to be a Linchpin – that person who is important to the organization – person who is pro-active, who wants to create added value, who is a foundation of the company. Thank you Seth Godin – now […]