Your Personal Infographic

Do you like infographics? I do Would you like to create your own personal infographic based on your data? I would Thanks to Kathy Jacobs from Vitamin CH I was able to find helps you to create visualization of data. story + data + design So what can you do? You can test […]

Listen to Social Media Conversations

I just read a book “Likeable social media“ by Dave Kerpen Social media is like the world’s largest cocktail party, where anyone can listen others talking and join the conversation with anyone else about any topic of the choice. Social Media can and can’t do (by Dave): social media cannot make up for a bad […]

7 Ways How to Improve Your Resume?

…a lot! Did you check how your resume look like? When was the last time when you updated your resume? (and it doesn’t matter whether you have a job or you are looking for a job). Did you google yourself? Not yet? Try it, find out what other people (potential employers or recruiters) can find […]

4 Social Media Platforms You Should Use

How many social media applications/platform are you using? ohhh…do you have problems to count all of them? Let me guess, some of those applications you are using on your mobile, some on your computer. Pick a number: Lets think how many (really) social media applications/platforms we can use and be up-to-date: Google –> google docs, […]

3 Steps of Smart Networking

What does networking mean to you? What kind of techniques do you use to find new connections? Lets start from the definition of Social Network from Wikipedia A social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called “nodes”, which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such […]

Social Media in Numbers

Every year there is a new edition of Social Media Revolution . Have you wonder how many users use Facebook? or how many tweets are published every minute? or maybe how many companies are using Linkedin as recruitment tool? After watching those videos (btw.: those numbers are way much higher right now) I start wonder […]