19 Photo Editing Apps – Part 1

I selected 19 user-friendly photo-editing mobile applications (apps) on iPhone, iPad and Android. Nowadays we have very easy access to cameras. You can use your smartphone to take pictures and we take a lot of pictures. There are many photo-editing applications available, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which one is worth downloading. The photo-editing […]

iPad & iPhone for Beginners – App Store

App Store is a magic place! Ok, so maybe not magic but grand. This is the place where you can find mobile applications available on your iPad and iPhone. Place where you can check reviews, ratings and description that might help you to decide if the specific application is right for you or not. You’ve […]

iOS7 for Beginners – Part 1

iOS7 – is a seventh major release of the Apple operation system. Many people were waiting for this new update and here it is. There are a lot of things to like this system for but is it the best system Apple came up with? I am not sure. It’s a rich ecosystem of software […]

Best Applications of 2012

2012 – what a fantastic year. So many interesting applications we had a chance to test in 2012. Mobile application (also called mobile apps), it is a term used to describe internet applications that run on smartphones, and other mobile devices. Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to internet services, or help them […]

How to Choose the Right Tablet?

Apple iPad mini, Apple iPad 4, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, Google Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, and many more. There are many tablets available on the market but how to make sure that we choose the right one? Let’s start with the definition. What is a tablet? People talk about tablets every day, you […]

How Social Media Can Help You on Valentine’s Day? [video]

February 14th – does that date ring any bell? of course, it’s Valentine’s Day. And whether you like it or hate it, it’s there every year and millions of people are celebrating it. So in case if you need some help to prepare something special for someone special on Valentine’s Day – or if you […]