Addiction to Technology

Do you think that you are addicted to information/internet/Social Media? Do you think that you may have a tiny problem with that? that (just) maybe you are loosing the control? Some time ago I asked a question whether we are ready to slow down with social media/internet, etc. And since that time I have noticed […]

How to Check if Your Brand-Name is Really Yours?

Have you every wonder if your brand/company name is ‘only’ yours? Are you the only one how is using your company name? Companies names/brands/trademarked terms are available (or stolen) on Social Media networks – how to check that? Using Knowem you can check who is using your company/brand name. You can also reserve that name. […]

Social Media Success Summit 2011

If you are looking for social media top-experts or you want to find any most-update information regarding social media strategies. There is one place right where you can get all of that: Social Media Success Summit 2011 Discover how to use social media to attract and engage quality customers, and quickly grow your business Michael […]

How to increase social media influance

“Don’t think about the score” What Brian Solis says about social media mission: ‘Always pay it forward and never forget to pay it back…it’s how you got here and it defines where you’re going.’ I think that the main core we should focus on is our content – what we want to share with others, […]