How to Create a Slideshow – PhotoPeach App

A picture is worth a thousand words …so you have a lot of pictures and would like to share them with your friends, family or simply with the whole world. Of course you can do that by: sending pictures by email – but I wish you good luck with trying to attach many HQ pictures […]

How to Add Youtube Video to Your Blog

My friend asked me today how to add a youtube video to blog. Good question. There are 3 options to add a youtube video to your blog: Option #1 go to youtube and find the video you wish to share on your blog copy the link from the url area (on the top of […]

Change is Good

I decided that I want to make a change – do something different, hope – better. That’s why I am in the middle of moving my blog to a brand new site Groovy Pink Blog. I am very excited about that and I decided to do it by myself, first to learn something new, […]

8 Useful Twitter Tools

What do you know about Twitter? Do you use Twitter? How many Twitter-related applications do you use? Here are 2 applications you can use to manage your tweetstream: tweetdeck –> TweetDeck allows you to monitor, manage and engage in your social world by bringing together your Twitter and Facebook feeds in a powerful and flexible […]

Cool Infographics

Do you like infographics? I do. Why? Images are easier to understand, one look and you know what’s going on (not always, I get that). I am amazed how people are able to design all those infographics. If you check the definition of infographic (I did on Wikipedia): Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual […]

OMG What a Traffic

Again, like every day, I opened my Google Reader and went wild on reading interesting (or not) posts. This time was a little bit different because I decided to focus even more on posts’ titles. I noticed that there are a lot of post regarding “how to drive traffic to you website/blog”. Everything about TRAFFIC […]