7 Mobile Medical Applications

mobile medical apps_via groovypinkblog.com

When your doctor ask you what kind of medicine do you take – do you remember the whole list? Do you remember to take all your pills on time? No? Maybe you need (just in case) a medical application on your smartphone? Doctors and patients go mobile! There are several mobile medical applications available on […]

8 Useful Twitter Tools

What do you know about Twitter? Do you use Twitter? How many Twitter-related applications do you use? Here are 2 applications you can use to manage your tweetstream: tweetdeck –> TweetDeck allows you to monitor, manage and engage in your social world by bringing together your Twitter and Facebook feeds in a powerful and flexible […]

How to Publish Pictures on Twitter

Do you like to share pictures on-line? I do Would you like to share a pictures directly on Twitter? I would Now we can do that. No more Twitpic, Flickr, yFrog – now you can directly publish photos on Twitter using Twitter message box: Now you can go crazy and publish your pictures directly on […]

4 Social Media Platforms You Should Use

How many social media applications/platform are you using? ohhh…do you have problems to count all of them? Let me guess, some of those applications you are using on your mobile, some on your computer. Pick a number: Lets think how many (really) social media applications/platforms we can use and be up-to-date: Google –> google docs, […]

Facebook vs. Google+

Did you hear about Google new platform called Google+ ? If not – here is the Goodle+ demo: Have you noticed that Google changed it’s layout? top menu bar and +1 button added to research results links The feature I find the more useful so far is the Google+ Hangouts – it’s alternative for Skype, […]

Why Do You Use and Need Twitter?

Michael R. H. Stewart, president of Jericho Technology published interesting post regarding Twitter – Twitter is Not for Twits!. After that post I asked myself a question: Why Twitter? Why do we use Twitter? What do we need? What is the purpose? …so why do you use Twitter? to learn to listen to communicate to […]