No Power – No Gadgets?

After the Hurricane Sandy and all the tragedy that happened on the East Coast I decided to search for some information on how we can protect – and I’m thinking here on the small scale – our smartphones, laptops, etc. when there is a short-term loss of the electric power. As much as we might […]

Do We Need Google Offers?

What do you think about shopping? Do you like it? Just think about going to the shopping mall and search for some things you need to buy or maybe you prefer to do shopping on-line? Have you ever bought anything on Groupon or Livingsocial? It’s all about collective buyer power – you can find offers […]

How Can You Control Your Mobile?

I just saw a TV commercial (do you remember TV? I know, something you don’t watch that much). There is a something called Wirless Leash by ZOMM The Wireless Leash by ZOMM will keep you from ever leaving your phone behind. It’s the perfect way to keep your phone where it needs to be – […]

4 Social Media Platforms You Should Use

How many social media applications/platform are you using? ohhh…do you have problems to count all of them? Let me guess, some of those applications you are using on your mobile, some on your computer. Pick a number: Lets think how many (really) social media applications/platforms we can use and be up-to-date: Google –> google docs, […]

Where Do I Find Free Background Music to My Presentation or Video?

…so you decided to create a youtube video or maybe you want to record your presentation using e.g. camstudio? That’s really great, do it! …but you want to add also background music and don’t know where to find free one? before you start searching the internet for free background music you should make sure that: […]

Why Do You Use and Need Twitter?

Michael R. H. Stewart, president of Jericho Technology published interesting post regarding Twitter – Twitter is Not for Twits!. After that post I asked myself a question: Why Twitter? Why do we use Twitter? What do we need? What is the purpose? …so why do you use Twitter? to learn to listen to communicate to […]