It’s Lonely During Holiday Season — Take Care of Older Adults

  I usually talk about technology and social media for older adults (in this case people 65 & better) but this time I’d like to share with you something that not many people what to talk about…loneliness during the holiday season. Holiday season is not always a cheerful time, there are people who are struggling […]

19 Photo Editing Apps – Part 1

I selected 19 user-friendly photo-editing mobile applications (apps) on iPhone, iPad and Android. Nowadays we have very easy access to cameras. You can use your smartphone to take pictures and we take a lot of pictures. There are many photo-editing applications available, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which one is worth downloading. The photo-editing […]

13 Travel Mobile Apps

Getting ready for the summer? Need some time off and relax? Check some of those mobile applications that might help you to better plan your free time. Here is a list of applications that can help you to find free Wi-Fi, hotels, plan a trip, find a rest area near you on highway or translate […]

Is Social Media ONLY for Teenagers?

I came across an interesting article on HuffingtonPost (Post50) – “Is Social Media Turning Us into Teenagers?” by Mary Dell Harrington and Lista Endlich Heffernan (from Grown and Flown: Parenting from the Empty Nest) It’s a very interesting piece on how Social Media makes us behave more like teenagers, and that there is not that […]

How to Create a Strong Password?

We use several on-line platforms, mobile applications. We have Facebook profiles, email accounts, etc. To have access to most of them (if not all) we need a passwords. Do you know how strong are your passwords? It’s hard to remember all passwords and because they should be strong (difficult passwords) it’s even harder to keep […]

7 Rules You Should Remember about Social Media

Why we use social media applications? General reason – to communicate with each other. Same way as we communicate with each other “face-to-face” – lets remember about few general rules of social media/online savoir-vivre. Here are 7 rules good to remember before you press the share/publish/post button: “Twitter is a great place to tell the […]