11 Websites with Portable Apps

Do we need portable applications? First you might ask a question what is a portable application? A portable application (portable app) is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows/Mac computer. When your USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod or other portable device […]

Books Worth to Read

Some books are worth to read, but sometimes I just don’t know which one I should read first. So I decided to share some of those books with you. Most of those (if not all) are social media, marketing, leadership , personal development related books. I hope next time create “just to read and have […]

Are We Wrong About Being Wrong?

Do you make mistakes? –> Who doesn’t? How do you feel when you know you are wrong? –> I guess … not so great Do you like to admit that you were wrong? –> noooo way What will you do to avoid being wrong? We all know that people make mistakes but somehow when comes […]

7 books Worth to Read?

Do you have some time off and would like to read a good book? There are some many books – which one is right for you? Here are few you might take under consideration: “The Art of War“ by Sun Tzu –> classic written 2 thousand years ago. It has had an influence on Eastern […]

7 Ways How to Improve Your Resume?

…a lot! Did you check how your resume look like? When was the last time when you updated your resume? (and it doesn’t matter whether you have a job or you are looking for a job). Did you google yourself? Not yet? Try it, find out what other people (potential employers or recruiters) can find […]

Don’t Let Them Stop You

Seth Godin in his book “Linchpin” wrote classic quotes from resistance: “I don’t have any good ideas” “I don’t know what to do” “I didn’t graduate from …” “My boss won’t let me” “well, that’s find for you, but my gender, race, health, religion, nationality, shoe size, handicap, or DNA don’t make it easy” Have […]