How Smartphone Can Change Healthcare – Wireless Medicine

How do we use smartphones? We make phone-calls, send text-messages, set alarm clock, use calendar, play games, use applications, etc. There are a lot of possibilities so why not use smartphone as health-monitor device? We can ask a question: could a portable device like smartphone be the future of medicine? How can smartphones/portable devices change […]

Mobile Apps for Vacation

Are you getting ready for vacation? Maybe planning some trips? Why not to test/check few mobile applications that might be helpful. Travel mobile applications Google Translate – instant language translation (more than 70 languages). You can listen to your translations spoken aloud. Translate single word or phrase. Available: iPhone/iPad, Android. Free Wi-Fi Finder – Search […]

Safety on Facebook [Guide for Beginners] Part 2

Facebook privacy has been changed over the last year. The access to privacy settings is more user-friendly and finally is not that complicated. In my previous post: “Safety on Facebook [Guide for Beginners]Part 1” I shared information regarding passwords, privacy settings shortcuts, activity log and who can search for you on Facebook. Timeline privacy update […]

7 Ways to Find FREE Wi-Fi

When you are getting ready for a trip and you ask yourself a question: where can I get access to a FREE Wi-Fi connection? Of course nowadays we use internet connection on our smartphones or tables via mobile providers but that’s something we need to pay for and in case we want to watch a […]

Facebook New(s) Feed for Beginners

Facebook, the largest social media platform, presented a new look for News Feed! It’s not a surprise that Facebook changed something – it’s just the part of the social media world. I’m definitely looking forward to be able to test the new design. Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team shared some information regarding the redesigned […]

Safety on Facebook [Guide for Beginners] Part 1

Facebook, the biggest social media platform with over 1 billion users all over the world. Some people love it some hate it but as long as you use it to communicate with others – it’s good to remember about some basic safety rules. Facebook is constantly changing their privacy policy so it’s important to check […]