Senior Friendly Smartphones

senior friendly smartphonesAre you looking for senior-friendly smartphone?

Are you tired of those tiny buttons on your mobile phone? Is it hard to read that small font? Are there too many things on that tiny screen?

Before you begin shopping you need to know that there are two types of mobile phones: SMARTphones and really simple cellphones.

Here is what you should ask yourself before you search for your new smartphone:

  • why do you want a smartphone and what do you want to do on your mobile phone: is it just for making phone-calls (in case of emergency) or maybe you would like to have access to the internet, send/receive an emails, additional features, be able to download applications, etc.
  • size matter – before you buy smartphone check the size, to make sure that the buttons are large enough so you can dial a number without any problems.
  • screen – make sure that the size of the font is large enough for you to read.
  • try before you buy – test a few devices to choose the right one for you.
  • loudness – you are going to carry the smartphone in your bag, pocket, etc. – it’s important to make sure you will be able to hear the ringtone.
  • how user-friendly is the device – make sure you understand how to use at least the main features: make a phone-call, send/receive a text message, change ringtones, check the clock settings and applications, surf the internet, check how to turn on/off the phone.

    Most smartphones offer similar features: access to the internet, send/receive emails, take/share photos, touchscreen, etc. Some of the models listed below are design for older customers, which means that in some cases you have additional applications developed especially for seniors.

    Here are few examples:

    • DORO – helps seniors stay connected with family, friends and the world. User-friendly interface with specially selected apps and a web-based service through which the user, a relative or a service provider can configure content, share photos, etc.

    • Doro PhoneEasy 740_smartphone for seniors

      Doro PhoneEasy 740

      Doro PhoneEasy 780_smartphone_by

    • GreatCall – offers not only very simple mobile phones but also safety&healthy applications on iPhone and Android (+ 24/7 live help-line)
    • jitterbug_mobile for seniors


    • Just5 – this is a device for those who really don’t like mobile phones and is very simple to use. There are two (but important) features: the “emergency button” – in case something happen: by pressing this button you can contact 5 numbers (a text message is sent automatically and phone-calls are made). It also has a flashlight feature.
    • RakuRaku – an interesting smartphone on Japanese market which I hope will come to the US market soon. It has large buttons and large fonts displayed on a big screen. One nice feature is the screen able to distinguish between accidental touches and purposeful taps.
    • Samsung Galaxy III – it is a big smartphone (really big screen – 4.8″) with lot of features, internet connection, lot of applications, GPS, voice recognition, and many more options. Because of the size of the screen – it’s easier to operate.
    • iPhone – screen size 3.5″, one of the most popular smartphones on the market, access to the internet, camera, voice recognition, and millions of applications.

    Whether you decide to get smartphone with a lot of features or very simple one – make sure to choose the right one for you.
    Good luck and have fun!


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    • I thought that might be useful as a ‘preparation’ before making decision what smartphone is the right one 🙂 Glad I could help.

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