How to Backup Your Facebook Profile?

facebook_backup coverDo you remember to backup data on your computer? Do you remember to update all your passwords and keep them safe?
…and how about your social media profiles?

How about your Facebook timeline backup? I guess some of us (oh I don’t know maybe some of those 901 million Facebook users) published many pictures on Facebook, a lot of status updates, become friends with hundreds of people, created many groups and lists and exchanged tons of private messages. Have you ever wonder what might happen to all of that content in case something happened to your Facebook profile?

In case you would like to know how to backup your Facebook data, here is step-by-step how to do it:

  • go to your Facebook profile
  • click on the down arrow next to the “home” button (in the right upper corner)
  • facebook_backup data_1bis

  • click on “Account Settings”
  • facebook_backup data_2bis

  • click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”
  • facebook_backup data_3bis

  • click on “Start My Archive”
  • facebook_backup data_4bis

  • downloading your information
  • facebook_backup data_5bis

  • you should wait for an email – with information that your archive has been created.

What file Facebook allows you to download:

  • Facebook profile – timeline information
  • status updates you and your friends published on your timeline
  • comments from your timeline
  • your photos and videos
  • friends’ list
  • notes
  • events
  • private messages

Why do you want to download your Facebook data?

  • simply it’s good to have a backup copy of your data
  • in case you lose your smartphone (of course you don’t want to lose your smartphone!) – some of the information/pictures/videos you had on your mobile and downloaded to your Facebook profile – now you are able to get them back

Please remember not to share that downloaded file with others – it’s your private information.


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